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Remote Hands Services

With regards to Remote Hands Support, please find details & pricing below:

Emergency Remote Hands (in co-location facility)
Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm: $220.00 / hour
Saturday & Sunday 9am – 7pm: $260.00 / hour
Monday to Sunday 7pm – 9am: $280.00 / hour

Pre-arranged Remote Hands (in co-location facility)
(48 Hours Notice) 9am – 7pm: $165.00 / hour
(48 Hours Notice) 7pm – 9am: $240.00 / hour

All Remote Hands Support requests are charged Hourly - 1 Hour Minimum

Remote Hands Support covers:
- Pushing a button / Switching a toggle
- Power cycling equipment
- Swapping tapes
- Securing cabling to connections
- Typing specified commands in a keyboard console
- Observing and describing information on monitors
- Selecting items with a mouse
- Mounting equipment
- Escorting people to shared rack space (Co-Location Customers)

If you require advanced troubleshooting or technical support in addition to this by our Linux/Windows system administrators this is subject to availability of staff and requires orders for both "Remote Hands" at the above pricing, as well as an order for "Advanced Technical Support" which is an additional $99.00 per hour.

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