$95.00 AUD
Transfer of Ownership for .AU Domains
Changing legal ownership of .au domains is a formal process done at the registry level.
Please contact us for all legal documents regarding this ownership transfer.
$15.00 AUD
myDNS Manager
myDNS Manager helps you to manage and control the DNS for your domain name.
Ideal for GoogleApps , External Mail servers and Web Forwarding
$55.00 AUD
External cPanel/WHM License

As AUSWEB is an official cPanel Premium Partner we are now able to provide external cPanel/WHM licenses to the end user.
Our monthly cPanel/WHM licenses are the most commonly purchased license.
This type of server license comes with free upgrades and updates for as long as you have the license active.
$265.00 AUD
Recovery of Domain out of redemption period
A domain may be recovered from redemption period. A fee will apply in which the first year of renewal is included. This fee is collected on behalf of the Registry . Should a domain not be recovered from redemption, it will be deleted from the registry and become available for new registration.
Do not gamble on lapsing your registation to avoid Redemption recovery cost
It is becoming increasingly common for domain names to be backordered, which means that your expiring domain name could already be scheduled for registration by another registrant. Domains are commonly being registered the instant they become available by "domain monetisers" (people who make money by buying and selling domains), who then charge the original domain owner an exorbitant price to regain control of the domain.
In light of this increasing trend, customers wishing to keep a domain that has entered the redemption period should submit a redemption request rather than wait for the domain to be deleted. We can in no way guarantee that the domain will not be registered by another party when it becomes available, and the redemption charges are likely to be much less than the costs asked by a new registrant.
To recover a domain name from redemption, please print and complete the below Domain Redemption Form.